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More about threading

Well-Defined Brows

At it's core, Threading is all about precision. Even the tiniest hair can be teased out of its follicle. Because it gets every single hair, no half-grown strays are left behind. Plus, the method of threading allows for total control over which hairs are removed and which aren't. You can thread one hair at a time or a line of hair, giving you well-defined brows.

The Gentlest Form of Hair Removal

 Since only the hair is getting yanked—and skin isn't an incidental casualty—there's very little chance of irritation. There's no pulling or straining the skin. Threading is the gentlest form of eyebrow hair removal.

Best for Facial Hair Only

 Threading is the perfect temporary solution for hair removal of any facial hairs, like the brows. Because of its precision, though, it's not a good option for anywhere else on the body—partly because it'll take forever, and partly because an hour or more of getting your hairs ripped out probably is not something anyone would want to do. "Waxing or laser is much faster and definitely preferred for larger areas."


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Zainie's Threading Salon

14810 Buil America Dr. Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: (571) 572-3022